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HDC for Pets

It’s not only us that can benefit from helminthic therapy. Vets are finding that inflammatory conditions, especially skin allergies are being alleviated with the help of HDC’s

Why on earth would a dog or cat become allergic to grass or dust. They have evolved living on and in the stuff for millions of years. Why now are our pets getting dermatitis and eczema because of allergies to these as well as other normally harmless factors in their environment?

Well all mammals and many other species of animals host helminths naturally. Only modern humans and our pets and other domesticated animals are regularly being de-wormed or are living in modern more sterile environments where we don’t reinfect ourselves.

«Only modern humans and our domestic animals are being regularly dewormed and live in the less natural environment we have created for ourselves over the course of history.»

So our well looked-after, beloved members of the family are regularly de-wormed. This is standard and very good advice from veterinarians, as animals will regularly ingest or inhale, or otherwise become infected with helminths of one or other sort. Many of these can cause disease.

Vets have recently found that giving HDC’s to dogs and cats affords them the same protection from inflammation (especially skin allergies) as is reported by humans.

This is without any of the horrible side effects that cortisone and some other immune-suppressant drugs have.

An Example: Cuddles the cat.

This cat had been scratching and licking himself to the extent that he had lost a large amount of the fur on the sides and back of his body. He was clearly distressed and very uncomfortable.

His owner had tried everything and had taken him to a large number of vets in trying to resolve the issue.

She was told about HDC by a friend and tried it……

This is him two months later. If you look carefully, you can still see where the scratched patches were, but the fur has largely regrown and the cat is totally comfortable. Since then the fur has completely regrown and he is a relaxed, beautiful and happy part of the family.

Incidentally, the HDC was applied at the same time as deworming was taking place by simply timing HDC applications three days after the deworming medication was taken.

There are many examples like this:

This dog had been in a buster-collar (plastic cone around the neck) for 30 months, and all known treatments tried with little or no success. The vet reported a bright red chest at all times. This picture was after two weeks of HDC treatment.

Both the owners and this little french bull-dog were obviously delighted with this incredible change in quality of life after such a long time spent suffering.

Just like with humans this virtually microscopic “probiotic-like” microbe is taken in milk or a substitute, which is generally enjoyed by the patient. It’s effects are amazing, especially after the current range of veterinary treatments have been tried and exhausted. There have been no reported side effects in dogs or cats.

Please note that HDC’s are not a medical treatment prescribed for the treatment of any disease. It is a supplement to a healthy lifestyle that many people, and now cats and dogs, around the modern world have found very beneficial for their chronic ailments and allergies.

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