Shayne <strong>Stokes</strong>
«First I started HDC for various Chronic inflammatory issues. Now both my kids also take it for their major allergies. What a difference it has made to all our lives.»

Shayne Stokes

Administrator / client
Cuddles <strong>The Cat</strong>
«Having been to every vet and tried every possible treatment available for Cuddles' allergies and fur loss, HDC worked pretty much immediately and 100%. Amazing!»

Cuddles The Cat

Pet / client
Wendy <strong>Olson</strong>
«My irritable bowel issues and horrible bloating went away with HDC. To my delight and surprise, my hairloss issues also went away. Both returned when I went away over Christmas and missed my doses. Glad to say I'm back on track now.»

Wendy Olson

IT professional / client
Brendon <strong>Eigenhuis</strong>
«I was amazed when my acid reflux, and stiff muscles went away when I took HDC for my allergies!»

Brendon Eigenhuis

Sales Manager / client
Heather and Magic <strong>Brown</strong>
«First Magic, our Westie was given HDC's by a Joburg vet and all her allergies went away. When he told us that people could also benefit, I tried it for my Fibromyalgia, general exhaustion and sleeplessness. Nearly a year down the road and we are both so much better.»

Heather and Magic Brown

Businesswoman / client
Michelle <strong>Stadler</strong>
«For years my persistent cough, caused by sinus and postnasal drip drove both me and my husband half crazy. We couldn't sleep. Nothing helped. I tried every doctor or type of therapy I could find. HDC fixed me in two weeks. »

Michelle Stadler

Businesswoman/ client
4 second Avenue, Rivonia, Johannesburg, SA
Mon-Fri: 8:00-17:00

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