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    Chronic inflammation or allergies stopping you

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  • Welcome to HDC labs

    Suffering from Chronic Inflammatory Disease or Allergies

    Tried everything?

    We have an answer that thousands of people around the world have benefitted from!

Hello, we are HDC Labs

Providers of Nature's Anti-inflammatories

The modern world seems to be facing an epidemic of chronic inflammatory diseases. There are over 100 of these, according to medical science. Perfectly healthy people fall into life changing conditions that medicine has very few answers to.

Why are our bodies turning on themselves? Allergies, MS, Type 1 Diabetes, Lupus, Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgia and many other inflammatory based conditions are being studied by scientists worldwide to better understand their links to the human biome.

We believe that Helminthic therapy is a big part of that link and would love to introduce you to the potentially life-changing properties of HDC's.

What Clients Say

Stories of Success of our clients
What is Helminthic Therapy?

What is Helminthic Therapy? Many things have changed during the development of our species. Some recent changes, however, especially in our modern world, have happened really quickly, from an evolutionary perspective. These changes have been more extreme in more developed regions

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Why HDC?

Why HDC? Helminthic therapy has four different organisms at its disposal. All are slightly different with different attributes, but all serve the same essential function.

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HDC for Pets

HDC for Pets It’s not only us that can benefit from helminthic therapy. Vets are finding that inflammatory conditions, especially skin allergies are being alleviated with the help of HDC’s

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Story Of Success

Claudi Holness' story
I feel so positive and energetic - After 11 years of trying every specialist that medicine offered, eventually being medically boarded from work, and not really having any other roads to tread, my husband found HDC.

Now my migraines and IBS, due to food allergies, are way reduced. The anxiety and depression that were always with me are gone. Even the itchy gums that I always worried about feel great a few hours after taking HDC.

I eat much healthier food, not because I force myself to, but because something has changed and I crave good food instead of chocolate. Still like the odd chockie though. I've lost 29kg's because I'm not in bed all the time. Even my dog that scratched his hair out because of skin allergies is now back to his happy self after taking HDC.

It's so easy to forget how it feels to be normal. It's amazing to feel good again and get my life back.

Its why we started HDC labs. There are far too many people like me out there.



Claudine Holness
manager / HDC Labs

How It Works?

Start your journey today
Regular HDC Regime
Regular HDC doses; every two weeks. This creates a more tolerant auto-immune system, that lowers chronic symptoms.
Regular Exercise
Many clients have dramatically improved energy levels. This has motivated them to increase their physical activity, lowering stress and inflammation levels further.
Eat Healthily
Whole-foods, vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids are recommended as part of a healthy diet.
Enjoy Your Life
If chronic inflammation and allergies are controlled, you can get back to the life you wish to lead.

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