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What is Helminthic Therapy?

Many things have changed during the development of our species. Some recent changes, however, especially in our modern world, have happened really quickly, from an evolutionary perspective. These changes have been more extreme in more developed regions of the world.

Some of these changes are:

  • A general movement away from a natural way of life, and many of the organisms, that we have always been in regular contact with.
  • The frequent use of antibiotics. While fantastically useful in extending our life-expectancy, antibiotics negatively affect our gut-bacteria. We now make an effort to replace these with probiotics but our gut flora is still negatively affected.
  • Helminths have been largely eradicated by the use of anti-helminthic medicine and other sanitary practices. These are wonderful in as much as they rid us of parasitic worms, but the commensal helminths that have always been a part of our biome, have also been removed from humans and our domestic animals .

Science is now recognising these as having a part to play in reducing auto-immune inflammation, as well as in improving both the diversity, and the ratio of good to bad bacteria in our gut.  More and more scientific studies are being done linking these changes to many diseases, especially chronic inflammatory ones.

“Allergies and auto- immune diseases are caused by a Loss of Immune Tolerance” Dr Sidney Baker.

The use of helminths for the control of allergies was first recorded around 50 years ago when a British parasitologist, JA Turton, inoculated himself with human helminths, and received relief from his seasonal allergies.He noted that he remained allergy-free as long as he maintained a healthy helminth colony in his gut (Turton, Lancet, 1976, 686).

His theory was that the increasing prevalence of certain conditions in the modern world (and not shared by populations in less advanced areas), might have been caused by the eradication of certain commensal organisms that have always been a part of the human biome.

The human biome is the huge number (around a hundred trillion) of mostly micro-organisms, that share our bodies with each of us. There are more non-human cells than there are human cells, in the human body. We are an environment and cannot survive without the help of the biome that we in turn support.

What has now become known as the “Old Friends Theory” has gained traction in the academic community around the world, and a huge number of scientific papers have been written on furthering our understanding of how our gut fauna and flora interact with the rest of our body.

It has been sugested that ” the most influential organ that directly affects our brain, our heart, our digestion, our mood, our weight, our immunity and our overall health, is in fact not actually human…

It’s the microbiome.”

Many links have been found between the gut flora and a large number of inflammatory diseases of the body, from allergies to mental issues such as depression and anxiety. Recent scientific papers report how, many auto-immune diseases that medicine has not found cures for, such as Lupus, Multiple-sclerosis and Rheumatoid arthritis have been successfully controlled by patients reintroducing helmiths.

Doctors specialising in “Functional medicine” in America and around the world, have used helminths to treat patients suffering from a large range of chronic inflammatory ailments, with substantial success in Autistic children.

An ever increasing community around the world use helminths with or without the help of their doctors, to treat their chronic inflammatory and auto-immune conditions.

As Zaccone and colleagues put it in their 2006 paper, “In some not too distant futurity, there may come a day when we all take ‘helminth supplements’ along with our Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and whatever else goes to make up a modern balanced diet (Zaccone, et al., Parasite Immunology, 2006,515).”

Please note that HDC’s are not a medical treatment prescribed for the treatment of any disease. It is a supplement to a healthy lifestyle that many people around the modern world have found very beneficial for their chronic ailments and allergies.

  • Please have a look at Testimonials for a list of success stories.
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