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Why HDC?

Helminthic therapy has four different organisms at its disposal. All are slightly different with different attributes, but all serve the same essential function.

So why HDC?

The Helminths that we offer at HDC labs are called HDC’s (Hymenolepis Diminuta Cysticercoids). In humans, under normal circumstances, these never develop from the virtually microscopic cysts that we supply. They are only one life stage of a helminth that would usually live in a rodent, but does not live for more than a few weeks in humans.

We feel that HDC’s offer definite benefits over other helminth options.

  •  It is not a human parasite, and generally lives in humans for around two to three weeks.  (They have worked just as well for the many dogs and cats that have been treated for skin allergies and other inflammatory conditions. Vets using HDC are very excited because of  its benefits for very hard-to-treat conditions.)
  • It is fairly inexpensive in comparison with other helminths, that can cost a considerable amount of money to buy and ship.
  • It is taken orally and at no point crosses the gut barrier. Nor does it embed in the gut lining.

«It works as well for dogs and cats as it does for people.»

  • It cannot reproduce in humans or be transmitted to other humans, as it needs an intermediary host to reproduce.
  •  HDC’s are raised in grain beetles, and fed foods that are already part of the human food supply, such as oats and carrots. This is very different from some other helminth species, that are isolated from human or pig faeces.
  •  HDC has far fewer side effects than some other helminthic species in use. This is probably due to its method of ingestion. We suggest that they be taken in a glass of milk (or substitute). It couldn’t be much easier.
  • As HDC’s are not hosted long term, normal regular family and pet anti-helminthic treatments for unwanted parasitic helminths can easily be continued between HDC doses as required.

It is a virtually microscopic part of the helminth’s life cycle, and won’t ever become anything more than that, while still performing the life-altering functions that other helminths in use perform.

Please note that HDC is not a medical treatment prescribed for the treatment of any disease. It is a supplement to a healthy lifestyle that many people around the modern world have found very beneficial for their chronic ailments and allergies.

  • Please have a look at Testimonials for a list of success stories.

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