Helminthic Success Stories.

Helminths are being used around the world to help many different chronic conditions.

The article here is made up of a large number of collected stories (mostly successful) that list chronic medical disorders alphabetically.

All four helminthic agents are represented here, although the majority of the stories are by people using the human hookworm (Necator americanus or NA). HDC, as a therapeutic agent was still in its infancy in 2015. It has grown tremendously, owing to its ease of use and its minimal side-effects.

When I first saw this I was fascinated by the variety of conditions that have reportedly been helped by helminths, and how peoples lives have been changed because of them.

Note how often multiple conditions (as defined or split -up by medicine) are treated simply as chronic inflammatory issues and solved by the helminths.

Helminthic Therapy Success Stories-Static version

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